It is bad because we spent lesser time doing gramer (that is a joke I know how to spell grammar and I know it is less not lesser).  Also, when we had to look up pictures it can be dangerous.

It is beneficial to have a blog.  It is because it gets us to use the internet more.

The Interview

In Week 10 of the Student Blogging Challenge I interview Hannah.

Question: What was your first impression of my blog?

Answer: I thought your blog really showed your personality. Your tag line is hilarious and it really suits your character.

Question: What captured your attention?

Answer: Your pictures and videos are really captured my attention because they are thoughtful and interesting.

Question: What distracted you on my blog?

Answer: Your thorough posts and how it is very organized.

Question: What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Answer: I don’t really see anything wrong so just keep up the good work! Keep blogging!

Visit Hannah’s Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 9

In Week 9 Student Blogging Challenge I visited Sereena’s Blog.  The best thing about her blog is that she has long articles, but many pictures.  If your like me reading long wordy articles is boring.  Then boom, a picture I suddenly become interested.

I also visited Dawso’s Blog.  He doesn’t have as many pictures, but his posts are interesting.  He wrote about basketball and that was that for me.  I am obsessed with basketball.  It’s my all time favorite sport.

Finally I visited Daisy’s Blog.  She likes to tell stories… her own way.  She has a great amount of pictures and the pictures have captions.  I read about her bike accident and she described it well.


In Week 8 of the Student Blogging Challenge I’m going to try to get you to root for the Lakers.  If you live in L.A. you might like the Lakers or Clippers.  I don’t mind either of them, but when they play together I root for the Lakers, but my brother goes against me.  My brother likes the Clippers and I like Lakers.  He likes UCLA and I like USC.  I could go on and on, but in an effort to save time I’ll stay on topic.

I don’t like the Lakers for all the players.  Comment if I’m crazy, but I don’t like Kobe Bryant.  I mean he is what runs the Lakers, but his personality is understandable.  I don’t mean this to be hateful he is just not my favorite.  If the Lakers didn’t have them they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs right now.  My favorite player is Pau Gasol.  I like him because he is really tall.  Many of my friends are tall like Kiley.


This is Pau and his brother Marc Gasol.  Pau is on the left and Marc is on the right.

Picture found at



Will laziness in school effect me in the future?

In Week 6 Blogging Challenge I saw if laziness in school will effect you in the future.

The average person spends 3 out of 8 hours messing around than working.  It does not include lunch or breaks!  In my class someone said “Be nice to nerds because one day you’ll be working for one, ” most of this is true.  Nerds will get farther in life than mean people.  Nobody wants to hire some one mean because it will ruin the business.  So ask your self one question are you working hard or hardly working?


In the Week 5 Challenge we could write about our culture.


They believed in many Gods and Goddess, who they believed were in human form and had super strength and endless beauty.  The Iliad and the Odyssey, our earliest surviving examples of Greek literature, record men’s interactions with various gods and goddesses whose characters and appearances underwent little change in the centuries that followed.