2nd Trimester Book Report- Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

         Anne Frank was a young girl when she wrote her diary.  Anne Frank had to go into hiding because she was Jewish.  The Jews were being taken to a concentration camp.  Anne went to hiding with another family and her family.  Eventually they found her.  She was taken to a concentration camp where she died.


Why I Chose My Book

        I picked my book because Hannah wanted me to.  She wanted me to, so we could discuss it.  My expectations for this book aren’t very high, but aren’t very low.  I want the book to be interesting and funny.  So far it has been both of those things.  I picked this book and so far it is interesting.

One quality of Anne Frank

      Anne Frank has many interesting characteristics one of them is her smartness.  She proves she is smart by continueing her school studies while she is in hiding.  She continues her studies which can teach her how to be more helpful.  Then she can apply that knowledge and help more around the building.  Anne Frank’s smartness is an interesting characteristic, but has even more.

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